Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Caminante, son tus huellas
el camino y nada más;
Caminante, no hay camino,
se hace camino al andar.
Al andar se hace el camino,
y al volver la vista atrás
se ve la senda que nunca
se ha de volver a pisar.
Caminante no hay camino
sino estelas en la mar.

This is a poem that we read in my Spanish Literature class today and I absolutely LOVE it. The words are beautiful and I love the way it is written. Even though the first time I read it I didn't understand it completely I still felt it's power. What this poem says is basically we make our own paths as we go through life. There isn't a path laid out for it. The line "Al andar se hace el camino" is my favorite. In English it translates, "through walking the path is made". It is similar to faith. We can't just wait to feel faith, faith is an action, a choice. Our paths in life are the same. Sometimes the path isn't laid out for us we have to take that first step and make our own path. Then in the end we can look back and see our footprints and see where we've come. I envision walking on the sand, there aren't any footprints ahead of you but when you look behind you can see your own and you see the progress. It is also, as the poem points out, like the wakes left by a boat in the ocean.
Someone pointed out in class that the Savior says in John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the light..." This means there is a path, Christ is the path. And I completely agree, but I still believe that we make our own path, we can choose to follow the path of Christ and even then we still have to have the faith to take the step. And sometimes Christ doesn't give us all the answers and we have to figure it out by ourselves.
I just loved the message in this poem. I believe that our footprints are the path. We've got to have the faith and courage to take the step and press forward. And we can always look back and see how our challenges and choices in life have led us to where we are today.
Here is the poem in English because I know so many of you probably couldn't read it and understand it in Spanish. I hope you enjoy it, but it doesn't sound as beautiful in English as it does in Spanish ...
Traveler, your footsteps are
the way and noth
ing more
Traveler, there is not a way
the way is made by walking.
Walking makes the way
and looking back at the view behind
shows the path that never
is treaded again.
Traveler there is no way
but wakes on th
e sea.


Riddle Family said...

I wish I could read Spanish. That's a beautiful poem and a beatiful synopsis.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Love the poem, and wish I was able to read spanish!! Also love the st. patty day socks, very festive!!

The Henriksons said...

I do like this poem and it is so pretty in spanish. Thanks for sharing. Mom

Mary said...

I'm sending you the song based on the poem of Machado. Enjoy it!

Patricia Z said...

When you say that we can see our foot prints from behind, its not accurate because in the middle of the poem it uses the comparison of the sand of the ocean, Just as when we walk on the beach, the water washes away our foot prints and we can no longer see where we stepped. This poem signifies how we cant see where we're going cause the path is not clear and we cannot see where we have stepped, we can only see where we are in that moment

Grace Shan said...

i love your blog and your thought :)

Grace Shan said...

i love your blog and your thought :)

Claire Bernd said...

Me gusta esta poema mucha. Es muy bonita y muestra la realidad de no caminar en un camino ya hecho, hacer tú propio, y puedes dirigirte en cual dirección que quieras.

Germán said...

Patricia..the poem clearly says: "y al volver la vista atrás SE VE la senda que nunca más se ha de volver a pisar"....something like: ...and looking back ONE SEES the path that it will never be stepped on again"...but you are right too...the ocean will erase the just have to keep on going going back...path is suddenly gone. It is beautiful though.